The Huts

We now have two Shepherd’s Huts at Free Range Escapes. Both set on the re-wilded Railway Line at Cornish Tipis also known as Tregildrans Quarry. The site is unique. A woodland valley folded around a clear, spring-fed lake created from the old quarry. The hut is at the top of a secret 20 acres clothed in ferns and bluebells, oak and meadowsweet. Undisturbed by modern agrochemicals and herbicides the natural ecosystem has flourished, providing a thriving habitat for flowers and butterflies, birds and mammals.

It’s a place a world apart from the rush and clutter of the modern holiday experience, with an atmosphere that makes you forget the world outside, and just lounge, ramble, or potter about in a boat.

The Shepherd’s Hut themselves are situated in a recently reclaimed part of the site on the old railway line which was taken out in the 60’s, reclaimed by nature until now! 

Guests will have full access to the whole site & all its faculties. 20 acres of woodland to explore and a freshwater lake to swim, boat and fish in. As well as your own secluded garden space complete with an open fire and garden furniture.

The huts have their own private compositing loo and wooden shower shed (made partly from pallets) both outside. Guests are of course allowed full access to any of the other loo/shower blocks on site. 

There is also electricity in both huts!! Solar powered lights & sockets make it easy to charge items or read a book after the sun goes down. However please be aware that the electricity system in the hut can only take up to 300 watts. This means it is fine for charging phones, cameras, laptops etc. but unless they are low wattage (most aren’t) hair dryers, hair straighteners & electric kettles will trip the system. Anything that requires a huge amount of electricity i.e. heating devices please do not use. Both huts are fully equipped with a comfy double bed, a kitchen area complete with cutlery and kitchen equipment, there is no fridge just a cool box – ice blocks can be collected daily.

The aim is to have created spaces which make you feel like you are out in nature & the elements but with more comfort than basic camping.

Our original hut is called Elderflower and is still looking as beautiful as ever, with vintage curtains and old fashioned lanterns this hut has a certain country chic to it;


Our second hut is called Bluebell and has all the same charm as our original hut. With its own individual character and unique features such as reclaimed scaffold board shelves, Salamander wood burner and custom made elm windowsills.  This hut also has a new exciting additional feature of a romantic couples wood fired hot tub, perfect for relaxing evenings enjoying the dappled sunlight through the trees;



Guests should note

Guests should also note that the Shepherd’s Huts have no fridge. There is a cool box under the sink – fresh frozen ice blocks can be collected daily from the main car park just outside the wood clad reception/little shop. There is also only a starter amount of wood provided under the wood burners, so more wood maybe required. This can be purchased on site or you can bring some with you or you can really get back to basics and forage in the woods!